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Civil Engineering Logo

Why logos are important

Your logo is the face of your own brand. Your logo will become the most recognizable component of your new identity. Your logo makes your first impression on your clients. Your logo makes it possible to set a point of difference.


  1. Show your work your speciality your motto
    What services do you intend to provide to your clients? Most Firms from the civil engineering field have something unique to offer due to their winning approach. By means of example, you may be offering additional private services. Or, your competitive pricing may be the interest for the intended audience. Furthermore, it may be that your response time is higher than other companies. Your workmanship may be above the Normal degree of this Competition.
  2. Monochrome
    Your logo should look good in single colour design, after all this is the trend right now and not going anywhere anytime soon. This also helps in your business card and stamps you use for your seal.
  3. Visibility
    As your Business develops, you will likely wish to advertise your new across various sorts of media. This may include everything from published material to internet content, from trade shows and exhibitions to free gifts and corporate giveaways. The logo should be easily recognisable in any size from favicon to billboards.
  4. Timeless
    Logos is the fact that it ought to be classic. This implies it must endure for many decades. Bear in mind your construction company builds its individuality primarily in your emblem, which individuals see so frequently. They construct a psychological connection with the visual. Consequently, if you adhere to some current design trends, you’ll redesign it after a couple of decades once the trend fades off.
    Thus, avoid following these tendencies. Instead, stick to the fundamentals of the plan and decide on a simple logo.
  5. Colour
    Colours arouse feelings. That’s now a proven Truth that many Studies have supported with research. Yellow is your sun colour to reflect hope and happiness. Blue is the colour for intellect and socialization.
    Thus, use only those colours which can evoke your planned Emotions from your intended audience. Because of this, many structure logos have brown and yellowish. Brown is an earthy colour, representing the building activities. Yellow is the colour of trust, which individuals have when they purchase a house.
    Choose your colour scheme contemplating your brand message of trust, Strength, eco-friendliness, etc. if you would like to address growing environmental issues, then utilize green on your own logo.
  6. Typography style
    So Far as building companies or some other Aspect of technology is concerned, this area reflects endurance, endurance, pride, power, and power. A company logo design in this discipline, consequently, has bold and large typefaces with enlarged width. To stand out, integrate a different typeface which can set you apart from the competitors.
  7. Simple Design
    This, the designers maintain only those components which are only sufficient to communicate a Brand message and character. Therefore, if a single colour, 1 typeface, or perhaps one Emblem can say all of it, then avoid using different components. In short, attempt to communicate Your layout ideas in the easiest possible manner. You ought to surely avoid the usage Of too many colours, phrases, and symbols.
  8. Design only, typographical only or both
    A logo can be a design image, typography or both. It is better to design in all three types to use these in any given situation.
    Logo Sizing name design and text favicon civil engineering
  9. Do not copy others design
    Last advice, Never copy anyone else’s design for various reasons.

Design is a journey of discovery — SahibaBharwani

Good design is good business. — Thomas Watson Jr

Design adds value faster than it adds costs. — Joel Spolsky


  • Make vector png jpg files in two different sizes
  • Build upon simple geometrical shapes.
  • Softwares which can be used to design a logo are Adobe illustrator, Adobe photoshop , CorelDRAW, Gimp and online websites like or online logo makers can also be utilised but don’t forget to transform simple design templates from those websites.
  • If you are designing a logo for a designing consultant then Animated logo can also be a good option.

Design is a journey of discovery


Good Logo Designs

Bad Logo Designs

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